Le testimonianze dell’alluvione del ’66 arrivano da tutta Italia e da tutto il mondo. Marian Newsom, ad esempio, ci ha inviato il diario della sua esperienza in quei giorni di novembre durante il disastro che ha colpito Firenze.

Questa una breve descrizione del testo:

“I just sent in my journal from November 3 to November 23, 1966.  I forgot to add that I am a Mud Angel, so the journal describes my work at the National Library as well as how my university friends and helped set up and operate an emergency enter in Via dei Rustici. The pictures I mention in the journal, about 12 or 13, were too large a file, even as a zip, for me to send.  I cannot offer the broadcast from CBS News where journalist Frank Kearns interviews 4 American Mud Angels, including me working at the National Library, because CBS said they would have to charge me a $2,500 licensing fee. Erroneously they thought I was going to use the tape for commercial purposes. The CBS footage also showed rescue operations in Vigonovo.  I look forward to being in Florence next week for the 50th Anniversary..”

Qui invece trovate tutto il suo racconto in pdf (in inglese).