50th anniversary of the Florence Flood

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A River of Books: the Rebirth of the Department of Architecture’s Library

For the 50th anniversary of the historic flood that hit Florence on November 4th, 1966, the Architecture Branch of the Technology Library at the University of Florence is collaborating with [...]

Luciano Ori: Report of a Flood

For the 50th anniversary of the tragic flood that hit Florence on November 4th, 1966, the Humanities Library at the University of Florence will organize the exhibition, Luciano Ori: Report [...]

The Floods of Today Illustrated by Children

Immediately after the 1966 flood, Idana Pescioli collected the drawings of 4th and 5th-grade children, compiling them in the book, “How the Water Was – Florentine Children Illustrate” (Com’era l’acqua [...]

50th anniversary of the 1966 flood: 100 never-before-displayed photos, exhibited at the Biblioteca Thouar

Over 100 new, previously unpublished photos of the Florence flood of 1966 were exhibited in the official photographic exhibition for the 50th anniversary, which, from September 10 to 22, made [...]

Meeting with Enrico Rossi, president of Tuscany

From 10 to 11am in the Sala Pegaso of Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati (Piazza Duomo 10 – Florence), the President of the Tuscan Region Enrico Rossi will hold a moment of [...]

Mud Angel Rally

On November 4, at 9am, at the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio, an extraordinary City Council meeting will be held with the Mud Angels in attendance. Immediately afterwards will [...]

The “flooded” and their mayor

An exhibition dedicated to “The ‘flooded’ and their mayor: never-before-seen testimonies in Piero Bargellini’s studio” will be held at the Piero Bargellini Studio and Memorial House. Gregorio Nardi, curator of [...]

A Flood of Notes

For the 50th anniversary of the flood of Florence, the Galileo Museum has the pleasure of hosting the concert, A Flood of Notes, which will take place on Saturday, November [...]

The flooding of the plain

On October 27, on the second floor of the air terminal at the Florence airport, the exhibition “The flooding of the plain” will open. Open to the public, the exhibition [...]

November 4, 1966. The Flood in Pisa

Una mostra dedicata al 50esimo anniversario dell'alluvione