50th anniversary of the Florence Flood

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A Flood of Water and Compassion: Remembering Syracuse University’s Ties to the Florence Flood of 1966

by Madeleine Buckley   Fifty years ago, a young Millicent Marcus awoke in the early morning with a strange premonition – something was wrong. Getting out of bed, she looked [...]

The River Arno Swelling: Photos from November 7th in San Giovanni Valdarno

Just a few days after the commemorations for the 1966 flood, the Arno caused a scare once again in Florence. Outside the Uffizi, for example, on Sunday, November 6th, the [...]

“The Flood That Wasn’t” in San Giovanni Valdarno

For the 50th anniversary of the flood on November 4th, 1966, Andrea Rauch and Sergio Traquandi have created an installation in San Giovanni Valdarno. The flood on November 4th, 1966 marked [...]

The Man on the Raft

The wonderful story of Renzo Devoti, who on November 4th, 1966, during the flooding of the Arno, built a raft with anything he could find around him, including some shutters, to go save his neighbours trapped in their houses, besieged by the water. […]

The Florence Flood on Display

Photography exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the Florence flood, part of the program for the Festival dei Bambini. Interview with the curator, Franco Mariani. […]

The Mud Angels Return

Florence calls on the Mud Angels: “Return for the 50th anniversary.” Mayor Nardella launches a call for an international gathering on November 4th. […]

The Day of the Flood

Crushed automobiles piled high after a long night of fear, the boots of the Mud Angels buried up to the knees in the water, a chain of hands that worked together, one after the other, to save books, works of art, and human lives. There are many memories of the 1966 flood that still live on today, fifty years later. Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio and La Nazione, accepting the invitation of the Bausi family, have decided to save one, extremely precious, from oblivion, and to offer it freely, on November 3rd, to the readers of the Tuscan daily. […]

A Film for the Arno

Fifty years since the flood, the River Arno once again becomes the subject of a documentary film. The images depicted and words of director Tobia Pescia and Tommmaso Perrulli, of Unicoop Firenze, help us understand the contemporary relationship between man and the river. […]

Diaries of the Flood at the Niccolini

Flood, the diary of Bargellini is brought to life again at the Teatro Niccolini. […]

The Flooding of the Plain

The exhibition “The Flooding of the Plain” was inaugurated on the 2nd floor of the Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence. For the fiftieth anniversary of the flood, Toscana Aeroporti — the company that manages of the Florence Airport — wants to remember how local communities reacted to the tragic events that hit the towns around Florence in 1966. […]