Film festivals, quality cinema and audiovisual productions in Tuscany will experience a strong development thanks to a new public investment plan coming soon to the region. The project is called Sensi Contemporanei and it arrives for the first time in Tuscany thanks to a Framework Programme Agreement signed by the Agency for Territorial Cohesion, Mibact’s Film Board and the Regional Government.


Sensi Contemporanei will promote culture, create growth and new employment opportunities and experiment with new forms of territorial development.


Six lines of action have been identified: to expand the regional services network, form new bodies, strengthen the infrastructure that promotes quality cinema, experiment with new forms of enterprise and contribute to the growth of integration, knowledge and sustainability processes.


Audiovisual productions produced through Sensi Contemporanei and other digital communication efforts will focus on the preservation and transmission of a tragic page in Tuscany’s history, the flood of 1966.


One the most significant initiatives concerning the floods is set be held on November 4 and is a videomapping installation on Ponte Vecchio. Two further video installations will be held at the Galleria delle Carrozze (on the Arno) and at the Sala D’Arme (a commemoration through images), as well as a digitalisation of photographic archives at the Biblioteca Nazionale and a video game about hydrogeological instability.