The exhibition “Bisenzio, 100 Years of Life on the River” is dedicated to the relationship between the citizens and the river. It is an account of life on the river through the display of historical photos and objects, drawings, and reconstructions: the show recounts the history of the river until the 1960s, when the Bisenzio was at the center of children’s summer activities, who spent hours in the canals or in the river’s weir-formed pools. The river was a source of nutrition and wealth with its abundance of fish and the hard work of the river’s dredger’s, known as renaioli, and a place where women washed their laundry over the stones. Enriching the exhibition are a series of meetings, ranging from environmental-artistic workshops for children – “The Miller’s Tales” – to the conferences “Bisenzio: The Floods of Yesterday, Risk Management Today” and “From the Springs of the Bisenzio to the City of Prato: Environment and Memory of a River, From Ancient Legends to Current Projects”. Additionally, the Materia Museum (Colle-Carmignanello) will organize two nature walks about river environments and energy and production.