The Rowing Club of Florence remembers those terrible days in 1966 with an exhibition

On November 3rd, 1966, at 11.30pm, the Arno began to invade the rowing club, Canottieri “FIRENZE, situated on the banks of the river: the raging waters destroyed everything, and the Club seemed lost forever. The immediate attempt to recuperate the boats and clear the rooms of mud was exhausting work. In their efforts, the Club’s members worked side-by-side with the Italian Army.

For the fiftieth anniversary of the flood, the Canottieri “FIRENZE” will host an exhibition in collaboration with the Archivio Storico Foto Locchi: photographs, recuperated objects from the time, and eyewitness accounts of the friends and members of the Club who, with great effort, helped the illustrious association be “reborn,” will be at the heart of the exhibition.