In this section, you’ll find a review of the events that took place throughout Tuscany to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Florence flood. In the coming weeks, new initiatives will be announced, aimed at drawing lessons out of the recent reconstruction of the 1966 flood experience: expect concrete, practical content focused on preventing future calamities and improving procedures to protect people as well as cultural, economic and environmental heritage.


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Florence 1966-2016: Beauty Preserved

Place: Palazzo Medici Riccardi
Address: Via Cavour, 3
From: 31-10-2016
To: 2-07-2017
  • Gruppo Alluvioni (GRAL): motivazioni e prospettive

Gruppo Alluvioni (GRAL): motives and prospects

Place: Aula Magna dell'Università degli Studi di Firenze
Address: Piazza San Marco, 4
From: 31-03-2017
To: 31-03-2017

The Flood and the Restoration

Place: Palazzo Corsini Suarez
Address: via Maggio 42
From: 20-10-2016
To: 20-02-2017

Thematic stamp itinerary for the 50th anniversary of the flood – Santa Croce

Place: Chiostrino antico Santa Croce Firenze
Address: Piazza di Santa Croce, 16
From: 14-10-2016
To: 31-01-2017

The Arno in the City

Place: Sedi espositive dell'Archivio storico del comune
Address: via dell’Oriuolo, 35
From: 28-10-2016
To: 31-01-2017

November 4, 1966. The Flood in Pisa

Place: Palazzo Blu
Address: Lungarno Gambacorti, 9
From: 29-10-2016
To: 29-01-2017

Exhibition and conference: “And the waters calmed down”

Place: Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze
Address: Piazza dei Cavalleggeri, 1
From: 27-10-2016
To: 27-01-2017

Beyond Borders

Place: Museo Novecento
Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Novella
From: 4-11-2016
To: 8-01-2017

XIII Exposition “Natale nel Mondo”

Place: San Giovanni Valdarno
Address: Piazza Masaccio - Basilica di S. Maria delle Grazie
From: 3-12-2016
To: 8-01-2017

Life on the River

Place: Museo Geo
Address: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele
From: 22-10-2016
To: 4-01-2017

Bisenzio, 100 Years of Life on the River

Place: Villa Il Mulinaccio
Address: Via Masso all'Anguilla
From: 22-10-2016
To: 4-12-2016

Photography Exhibition of the Flood at Clarisse

Place: ex Convento delle Clarisse - Polo espositivo culturale "Le Clarisse"
Address: Via Vinzaglio, 27
From: 4-11-2016
To: 4-12-2016

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