The exhibition is dedicated to the cultural heritage that was hit by the tragic flood on the night of November 3rd-4th, 1966, victim of the disastrous effects of the retreating waters. Their restoration now complete, they will be on display to the public.

The long restoration of Florence’s patrimony launches towards the future of the city and the territory the immense optimism originating from the tragedy, in terms of solidarity, resilience, prevention, research advancements, and cultural and artistic creativity. In the flood’s aftermath, Florence has become a world capital in scientific and technological research, efficiency, and world-renowned teaching techniques. Italian and foreign conservators alike made their know-how available, for the first time in direct comparison right in Florence.

Florence will host the a meeting of culture ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) industrialised countries. On March 30th-31st, ministers will visit the exhibition “Florence 1966-2016: Beauty Preserved” .