On Friday, March 31, 2017, the presentation of the newly formed Gruppo Alluvioni will take place in the Aula Magna of the University of Florence on Friday, march 31, 2017. The day aims to present the initiative and its complexities to the plumbing community and to foster useful discussion to figure out how to focus the Group’s future actions.

This is the conference program:

10:00-10:30 Registration

10:30-11:30 The Gruppo Alluvioni (GRAL): motives, structure and prospects. An introduction by F. Laio with speakers F. Ballio, E. Caporali, F. Castelli, P. Claps, G. Federici, M. Fiorentino, S. Lanzoni, A. Montanari and P. Versace

11:30-12:00 Question and answer session

12:00-12:20 The “Chiama l’idraulico” (Call the plumber) project, F. Castelli

12:20-12:40 The “Piene: il catalogo è questo” (Flood: this is the catalogue) project, P. Claps

12:40-13:00 The “AA- Aiuto Alluvione” (Flood help) project, E. Caporali e V. Chiarello

14:00-14:20 The “Floodbook”, S. Isacco and F. Laio project

14:20-14:40 The “Occhio al fiume” (A look at the flood) project, S. Ceola and A. Montanari

14:40-15:00 The “Ricercando” (Researching) project, P. Versace

15:00-16:00 New proposals “Elementare Watson” (Elementary, Watson), F. Cioffi “Annali 2.0”, R. Ranzi “Resilience Appeal”, P. Mignosa “Progetti ARA e CARA”, D. Pianese “Professione Rischio”, F. Ballio e D. Molinari “Climate Adaptation”, A. Montanari

16:00-16:30 Final discussion and comments


Download the event brochure here.