10.00am – Welcome and Opening Remarks

  • Monica Marini, Mayor of the Comune of Pontassieve
  • Alessandro Manni, Councilor City of Florence
  • Carlo Boni, Councilor for Culture in the Comune of Pontassieve
  • Giorgio Federici, Secretary of the Coordinating Committee, Firenze 2016
  • Daniele Pampaloni, President of the Fondazione Idana Pescioli
  • Paolo Belardinelli, Fotografi del Levante Fiorentino

11.00 – The Memory of the Flood and School

The Children Illustrate, 50 Years On

  • Neri Binazzi (University of Florence), Linguistic aspects in the accounts of the children of ‘66
  • Giuliana Pinto (University of Florence), I’ll tell you with illustrations: the psychology of childhood drawings

12.00pm – The Memory of the Flood in the Children of ‘66

  • Interviews coordinated by Giacomo De Bastiani – Centro di Documentazione Audiovisiva (Center for Audiovisual Documentation), Comune of Pontassieve

3.00pm – Franco Cambi (University of Florence), Educational and Scientific Work of Idana Pescioli

3.30pm – Awarding of the “Ponte Mediceo” in the memory of Idana Pescioli, highest recognition of the Comune of Pontassieve. For her unceasing educational work and research, inspired by freedom and non-violence.

Daniele Pampaloni will accept the award (President of the Fondazione Idana Pescioli)