Just a few days after the commemorations for the 1966 flood, the Arno caused a scare once again in Florence. Outside the Uffizi, for example, on Sunday, November 6th, the river swelled up to 4 meters. The Amerigo Vespucci bridge, in the city center, was closed temporarily as a precautionary measure. The Lungarno Serristori was also closed in the morning, to allow the fire brigade to remove the containers that were used to renovate the Lungarno Torrigiani.

But strong, incessant rain has come down hard all over Tuscany, including the territory of San Giovanni Valdarno.


At the Levane Dam, the Arno water levels were registered at the maximum: almost 1000 cubic meters. Nevertheless, the situation was kept under control.

The photos by Andre Rauch show the Arno on Monday, November 7th, when the situation was slowly returning to normal.