Rediscover the River

Fifty years have passed since the 1966 flood and you can be certain there will be a plethora of more or less celebratory events.

This is not the intent of the project LIGHT ALONG THE ARNO, which departs from Signa on September 3rd and follows a path of rediscovery along the river, stopping in Stia and Ellera before completing its journey in Pisa in October of next year.

“This event serves as a seminal study of a “walk along the river” that touches upon every aspect of possible interactions, from energy use to the aesthetic use aimed at the production of useful materials to the most diverse in-depth studies.”

The project will offer analyses of the natural habitat and of the urban centers along the river, with the goal of defining a human landscape in the Valle dell’Arno, retracing its history and thinking of future developments, between tradition and technology. An approach that is, on the one hand, “Human Archaeology,” to use the definition of Berlinghiero Buonarroti, one of the key figures in the project, and on the other, “River Anthropology,” thinking of the potentiality of the entire basin, with Paolo De Simonis, Massimo de Seppia, and Claudio Nardi.

The initiative means then to attempt a complete reading that extends conceptually and geographically beyond the Tuscan capital and that aims to understand the relational systems that have infused it with life, activity, and community relationships.

The rich program of events (art, cinema, photography, meetings for scientific analysis, music, readings, video, etc.) will have a special consideration for contemporary art that will be weaved into hidden places, often abandoned but rich with history and testimonies to the lives that defined them.