Presentation of the book on the anniversary of the 1966 Flood

The new book by Simona Baldanzi, “Maldifiume: acqua, passi, e gente d’Arno,” will be presented at the Marsilio Ficino Library. The work will open a new series of “Ediciclo” created and directed by Luigi Nacci, the Biblioteca del viandante.

For the 50th anniversary of the 1966 flood, when the Arno swept through Florence and the Valdarno, the writer slowly traveled the course of the river and met the various communities that live along the river. Simona Baldanzi, following the river’s path by bike from beginning to end, gathered the stories and accounts of those who lived through the catastrophic event, showing how that long-ago disaster is deeply ingrained in the culture and the history of the Valdarno.

During the presentation of the book, which will be led by the Ficino’s librarian Peter Genito, the author will speak about her journey.