Among the calendar of events for November 4th, an important one will take place at 6pm at the Polo espositivo culturale at Clarisse in via Vinzaglio. In the presence of the president of the City Council, Claudio Pacella, and the director of the Archeology Museum, Mariagrazia Celuzza, the photography exhibition, “The 1966 Flood,” will be inaugurated. The event is organized by the City and by the Agenzia Fotografica Bf.

The exhibition, with free entrance, comprises some of the most important images taken from the photo book The 1966 Flood (L’Alluvione dell ’66), by the Agenzia Fotografica Bf. The images depict the dramatic moments the city was invaded by a sea of water and mud that swept destructively through the streets. Many photographs also immortalized the moments when the waters, having calmed, began to retreat and left the streets, houses, stores, and lives of many scarred. Forever.

Thanks to the exhibition, it’s possible to admire the untiring work of so many: the firefighters, the city officials, the volunteers that sought to return the city to normalcy, with special regard to all those citizens who lost everything in the flood. On display are the helicopters of the 4th stormo, the army brigade that rushed to the aid of those fighting the mud, even in the countryside. Visitors get a glimpse of a city wounded commercially as well, with many businesses damaged, but ready to rebuild. There are also images dedicated to the visit of Aldo Moro, then-Prime Minister, who brought with him the comfort of an entire country. The exhibition and photo book are self-produced by the Agenzia Fotografica Bf.

The show is open Tuesday and Thursday, from 9am to 7pm; Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 2pm to 7pm. Closed Sunday and Monday.