Etoile Toy/ Visual Arts Florence

On November 4th, 1966, Florence and many surrounding cities found themselves devastated by the raging waters of the flooded River Arno. Thirty-five victims and innumerable amounts of damage were the results of this terrible catastrophe, but so was the solidarity of many Italians, who came from everywhere to save lives, animals, objects, and works of art.

Fifty years later, Florence remembers the natural disaster (followed, unfortunately, by others throughout the territory, even recently) through a series of events, including this exhibition, which will present works from 14 international artists.

The aim of this collective is to promote first and foremost respect for Planet Earth, learning to understand it and consider its unpredictable qualities. We must always remember that we are part of an environment that surrounds and hosts us, but we are not its masters.

The unification of man and nature becomes a relationship of continual growth and exchange, provided that one does not overpower the other.

This theme is explored by over thirty works of art on display, expressing various facets and points of view. By showing the order created between human beings and the surrounding environment, or by observing the simplest and most complex natural elements, these artists present us with different ways in which it is possible to really live “with” nature, as expressed in the title. Others instead focus on the results of a flawed and violent approach.

The collective show, curated by Anna Mola, comprises paintings and photographs from 14 international and Italian artists: Eloise Amadei, Giulia Bacchetta, Paolo Bongianino, Luciano Caggianello, Jane Cowles, Michele Franceschini, Jane Gottlieb, Magdalena Hohlweg, Rachy Kang, Anne Sophie Le Penru, Katerina Machytkova, Uros Paternu, Andrea Schwery, and Alice Zilberberg.

Accompanying the inauguration of the exhibition, on September 17th FloDance Corps will perform a choreography by Benedetta Ghiglia inspired by the artists’ works. The performance is part of a program of visual art events by Etoile Toy/Visual Art Florence and promoted by the Florence Dance Center of Marga Nativo.