On Friday, November 4, 2016, at 7pm, exactly 50 years after the flood that devastated Florence and Tuscany, an exhibition titled Notturno Fluviale [Arno 1966-2016] will open, showcasing a photography project by Marco Castelli.

The exhibition will be open from November 2 to 7, 2016. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11am–6pm.

The show consists in a selection of 20 photographs chosen from the artist’s work, which immortalizes the Arno bridges from Falterona to Pisa, using a nocturnal perspective, taken from water level and exuding the feel of a sort of “suspended landscape.”

The project investigates the primary emblem of the tangible relationship between man and river: the architectural element of the bridge, therefore, becomes a narrative vehicle: it serves as a frame for the preexisting ecosystems along the waters, a true “urban set” and a lasting testament to human activity.
The photographic analysis then has a dual value: firstly, as territorial documentation—this is essentially a mapping of the main Tuscan river and its bridges—and, secondly, a less conventional visual study of lived-in places and spaces frequently used as part of our everyday lives, turned on their heads and adding new perspective to our shared experiences.

This project has official backing from the Tuscan Region, the City of Florence and Legambiente Toscana. It was made possible by additional support from the Azienda Agricola Il Mandorlo, Cartavetra and ASD Canottieri Comunali Firenze.

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