Fifty years after the flooding of Grosseto in 1966, the area’s Rotary group and its representative organizations—the Rotary Club and the “Carlo Berliri Zoppi” Rotary Foundation—will revisit those days and the causes that provoked the disaster. The aim is to recover and consolidate memories of the scenes and various episodes in those days, as well as the initiatives that the local population knew precisely how to launch. In doing so, residents demonstrated an autonomous capacity to organize and the strength of the area’s social fabric. Among the various stories to revisit, we can’t forget the contribution that the Rotary groups made through their members, their management and the various assisting measures put in place during the emergency.

Beyond aiming for pure remembrance and commemoration, we’re also trying to do something a bit more ambitious: to re-examine, with a critical eye and through the analytical lens of science, the underlying reasons for the flood, as well as the ways that various competing phenomena associated with the environment, the layout of the area, and its general infrastructure all contributed to it. We will pay particular attention to the elements that continue to put us at varied levels of risk—reigniting local attention on the complex realities of local geography and on how to best defend the area.

For this reason, the conference (detailed program below) will feature the participation of many eminent scholars, but it will also promote initiatives aimed at educating younger generations. This is a role that Rotary takes on enthusiastically, viewing it as specific social and integrative duty.

4 November 2016
3pm Teatro degli Industri
Opening of the conference
Presenter and coordinator Rita Martini
Flag salutes – Greetings and introductions
Luigi Mansi – president of Rotary Club Grosseto and of the Rotary Foundation of Grosseto “Carlo Berliri Zoppi”
Antonfrancesco Vivarelli Colonna – mayor of Grosseto
Alessandro Vignani – head of Rotary District 2071
Cinzia Teresa Torraco – prefect of the Province of Grosseto
Fabio Bellacchi – president of the Consorzio bonifica 6, southern Tuscany
Awarding of the “Paul Harris Fellow” recognition to Felice Caldora, member of the team on the Air Force helicopter (flight engineer) that assisted with emergency aid during the Grosseto flood of 1966
Prof. Engineer P.D.G. Franco Angotti – University of Florence
“Rotary’s collaboration with environmental institutions and for the mitigation of hydrogeological risk in Tuscany”
Engineer. Renzo Ricciardi – Manager of Southern Tuscany’s Civil Engineers
“The Ombrone today”
Prof. Enio Paris – University of Florence
“The study and status of research in the field of hydraulics for accurate territorial management and control of main basins in the southern region of Tuscany”
Dr. Giulio De Simone – President of the Court of Grosseto
“A critical examination of the evolution of legislation concerning the protection of soil”
Prof. Anna Guarducci – University of Siena
“The Ombrone and Grosseto’s remediation under the grand dukes and dictatorships. Evolutionary dynamics of a territory”

5 November 2016
10am, Teatro degli Industri
Introduction by President Luigi Mansi
Presenter and coordinator Rita Martini
Prof. Enrico Bonari – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna – Pisa
“For future arrangements of regulation and water distribution”
Prof. Giampiero Maracchi – President of the Accademia dei Georgofili
“Incidences of climatic phenomena and their evolution on the surface-level hydrographic network”
Prof. Gabriella Papponi Morelli – President of the Polo Universitario Grossetano
“Reflections on the history of the Grosseto area and a look toward the future”
A screening of the film: ” 4 novembre 1966, la Maremma torna palude” directed by Francesco Falaschi, and produced in partnership with the Rotary Club of Grosseto and the Rotary Foundation “Carlo Zoppi Berliri”
Debate and comments from the public
Awards ceremony for master and doctoral theses related to the “Clear, fresh and sweet water” project (officially known as Chiare, fresche e dolci acque)

5 November 2016
Cathedral of San Lorenzo, Grosseto
Closing concert with music by W.A. Mozart – Requiem in D minor K 626
In memory of Rotary member, Prof. Guglielmo Francini, former President of the Rotary Foundation “Carlo Berliri Zoppi”
City of Grosseto Orchestra, “Giacomo Puccini” Choral Group of Grosseto, Polyphonic Choir “San Nicola” of Pisa, Chorus from the University of Pisa, Federica Nardi (soprano), Fulvia Bertoli (alto), Marco Mustaro (tenor) Giorgio Marcello (bass), Conductor of the “San Nicola” and “University of Pisa” choirs, Maestro Stefano Barandoni; Orchestra conductor, Maestro Francesco Iannitti Piromallo.

Awards ceremony for the competition
“Chiare, fresche e dolci acque”
Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the master’s and doctorate level thesis competition, which required themes related to the following subjects:
Regulation of the local surface-level hydraulic network or that of the Province of Grosseto;
New regulatory and organizational tools for the management of river basins: the “river contract”;
Monitoring and verification of hydrogeological conditions of the territory of Grosseto, including as they relate to climate change;
Economic, social and technical balance of a flood event: analyses of recent events in the province of Grosseto;
Evolution, status and evaluation of the setup of the Tuscan Hydro Authority’s administrative system at the local level;
Research and new methods of technical and administrative management of water resources in the Province of Grosseto;
Level of criticality of water bodies in the Province of Grosseto.

Participants include:
President of the Rotary Foundation “Carlo Berliri Zoppi” and President of the Rotary Club Grosseto, Engineer Luigi Mansi
President of the Rotary Foundation District Commission Prof. Roberto Giorgetti
President of the Consorzio Bonifica 6 Toscana Sud, Fabio Bellacchi
Representative from the Banca Carige Italia
Members of the jury: Prof. Claudio Scali, Prof. Enrico Bonari