50th anniversary of the Florence Flood


Blakely: on rebuilding a city in the wake of disaster

“Every country, however large or small it may be, reacts in a different way to disasters”: so began Ed Blakely’s commentary at the workshop “Participation and resilience: Tuscany’s challenge” organized [...]

Susan Glasspool, from Cornwall to Florence for art, history and mud

by Susan Glasspool   I come from Cornwall and, after having studied at the Falmouth School of Art and then completing my studies at Slade School, University College of London, [...]

“The Flood That Wasn’t” in San Giovanni Valdarno

For the 50th anniversary of the flood on November 4th, 1966, Andrea Rauch and Sergio Traquandi have created an installation in San Giovanni Valdarno. The flood on November 4th, 1966 marked [...]

The Flood of 1966: Giuseppe di Giusto’s Contribution

Giuseppe di Giusto sent us a photograph taken the internal courtyard at the Scuola Sottufficiali dei Carabinieri Santa Maria Novella. The image depicts a group of mud shovellers about to begin a [...]

Explore Tuscany, 1966 with Historypin!

Build a collective memory to pass on to new generations: this is the idea at the base of the Google-supported project Historypin, which, through Maps, wants to show the evolution of [...]

ARNO66: A Virtual Catalog to Discover the Flood

The fiftieth anniversary of the flood was the ideal occasion to move forward with digitizing the photographic archive from that era. Around 3.500 images in the photographic archive of the National Library were indeed [...]

Arezzo, the Radio Station that Organized Rescue Operations for the Florence Flood

The Museo dei Mezzi di Comunicazione di Arezzo is home to the amateur radio station that Carlo Luigi Ciampetti handed over use of to the Prefect during the night of November 4th, [...]

The Flood and the Ospedale degli Innocenti in the Photos of Giovan Battista D’Ardia

We must thank all the users that sent us their photos and accounts of the events of November 4th, 1966. A special thanks as well to Giovan Battista d'Ardia, who decided [...]

Via Gioberti and the Flood: The Photos of Lucia Rigacci

Even after November 4th, many eyewitness accounts were being published. One of the last contributions sent to us was by Lucia Rigacci. The photos are from November 4th, 1966 and they [...]

50 Years After the Flood: This is our Storify

We participated in the numerous initiatives that unfolded for the fiftieth anniversary of the flood that hit Florence and Tuscany. With us, there were the citizens, Mud Angels, volunteers, institutions, and simple [...]