50th anniversary of the Florence Flood

Toscana Firenze 2016

The 1966 flood and the indelible trauma of memory

Every time someone mentions the Arno and the great flood, new memories always resurface in someone. Each one of those fragments of life is so priceless that they are worthy [...]

Angels almost by chance. In the mud, the library, the hospitals

After the first night, no one stayed by themselves. No one. And no one has ever fully described the fatigue, the effort, the hours spent in the mud or the [...]

“When the mud swallowed dad’s Lambretta”

“We were there to help,” writes Giuseppe. His surname is Alighieri, just like Dante. And as well as also being from Florence, he also shares a language with the great [...]

Memories of the flood? Post them on Facebook

There are memories that you never forget, which not even time can erase or take away. Recollections which for some reason remain there, etched in memory, despite the fact they’ve [...]