The Flood of November 4th, 1966 in the Memory of Florentines

The State Archive of Florence, in collaboration with passionate volunteers and with the help of all Florentines, aims to valorize the testimonies of personal and family life as moments in the larger life of the civic community. The project: “Your History, Our History”.

By gathering into digital archives family photos, documents, and personal writings of any citizens that wish to contribute to the project, this invaluable testimony to civic life will be available to researchers. These materials are precious (and at times necessary) components for understanding and reconstructing, alongside canonical history, the social life of a city. The family photos, shot in a variety of occasions – weddings, baptisms, parties, vacations, work – indeed connect the various individual histories with the city’s history. Among these testimonies are photos of the 1966 flood, subject of the exhibition “The Arno in the City” which will be inaugurated on October 26th at 5pm and will be open from October 28th to January 31st, 2017, from 10am to 1pm, or upon reservation (for reservations, write to