Performance written by Antonella Zucchini and directed by Cristiano Malvenuti

Piero is an extremely active member of the local Communist Party, as well as a member of the City Council. The evening of November 3rd he goes out to continuously check the situation with the Arno; he wants to understand if that night the river will wildly thrash about like a child throwing a tantrum, as so many storytellers have recounted before, or if this time everything will go under! His son Moreno is out of the house: he drove off to see his girlfriend in Compiobbi. Will he be able to make in back home or will he run into danger? Lina, Piero’s wife, is at home with her elderly parents and their daughter Carla, unpacking their moving boxes and discussing their worries for Moreno, the dam in Levane, and the newly purchased furniture, especially the brand new kitchen, which are sitting in storage unit on ground level and should be delivered the next. But this time the flood really does arrive, and along with it, all its effects.
Performers: Marcello Sbigoli, Micaela Frulli, Anna Serena, Daniela Ferri, Stefano Bonini, Gianfranco Obinu, Bruna Venticonti, Daniele Brandani, and Roberto Ufrasi