Firenze 2016 goal is to perform initiatives on 50th anniversary of Florence 1966 flood event to resume memories and to improve prevention in such events to protect better in the future people, cultural heritage, environment and economics.

The project is managed by Coordination Committee that joint together many institutions, bodies and organizations and performs activities thanks to a dedicated working group. The Project is open to cooperation of citizens

The project areas

Scientific Commitee

The purpose of the ITSC is to analyze and evaluate the level of the awareness and the measures, planned or taken, to reduce the vulnerability of the city of Florence to floods of the  Arno river.


Coordinating Commitee

Promoted by the University of Florence,  the  project is managed by a Coordinating  Committee formed by a wide range of Institutions


Civil Protection System Area

The National System of Civil Protection, with all its components and operational structures deployed on different levels (national, regional and local levels), is the most effective response to deal with the many emergencies that counld affect our country.


Society and International Issues

This area includes governmental institutions, dealing with civil and religious aspects, together with the voluntary sector and schools.


Water Infrastructure Territory Environment Area

Water to be respected, water as a key element of the proper balance between the environment and human communities.


Conservation and restoration

The restoration is know-how, skills, but also organization.


Documentation Area

The protection of cultural heritage is based on the knowledge of the assets to be protected, their location, their value, the elements that can make a preservation intervention effective in the event of a catastrophe


Education Area

The plan of the 2016 Florence Project can be translated into institutional practices and actual behaviours only if efforts to create the necessary expertise will be made.


Corporate Area

The project involves all the local companies that have suffered the effects of the flood or have contributed to the rebirth and reconstruction.


The Firenze 2016 Project, managed by the Coordinating Committee, to which adhere many institutions, agencies and organizations, carries out its activities through the work of dedicated group of professionals.

The Firenze 2016 Project is open to citizen participation.

The objectives of the Coordination Committee are ambitious because of duration, content and complexity of activities to be carried out, for this reasons it is divided into thematic areas.
Thematic areas share a common set of management tools, funding sources (even regional, national, European and international fundind) and cross empowerment approach.

How to join or cooperate with Firenze 2016 project:

  • It is possible to ask for joining Committee projects, that means adhere to Florence 2016 Coordinating Committee and work its operational structure
  • Firenze2016 members can perform specific projects without the direct participation of the Committee but sharing results (they are granted to use the Firenze 2016 logo)
  • Citizens and non-adherent subjects can request the Firenze 2016 logo for their project: it will be granted if result sharing is envisaged.