November 4th is an important date: 50 years ago the city of Florence and the whole of Tuscany were hit by a disastrous flood. Dozens of people and animals lost their lives; houses, buildings, priceless artistic treasures were destroyed or damaged.

We must remember every day of the year what prevention means and why it is essential. This is what the project Toscana Firenze 2016 proposes: activities, conferences, and exhibitions are continually publicized and updated on the dedicated website

But there are other ways to interact with the project. To stay informed, you can follow the Facebook page at this link. Or you can share your thoughts, photos, and stories in the Facebook group Angeli del Fango (Mud Angels), which can be reached here.

Toscana Firenze 2016 is also on Instagram, a social network idea for preserving and promoting the rich patrimony of images of the 1966 flood. Here you will find the Instagram profile of the project.

The official hashtag for Twitter and Instagram is #Alluvione50.

Here, you can find a tutorial for interacting on Facebook.